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         To Blog or not to Blog that is the question ?

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Rather than send emails and seeing as we have our own web pages I thought it might be more fun to do a Blog. This will contain what we are doing, where we have been as well as the 'Rookie Mistakes' as I chose to call them. These are the other things that happen in life. As with anything new, if we make mistakes we hopefully learn from them. If not is it called stupidity ?

I'll include a few pictures but the majority will be posted under our web pages as normal. I'll include hyper-links once they are there as these will not be uppdated daily unless I have plenty of time.

We hope that you get some enjoyment out of our travels and who knows, maybe we'll see you somewhere along the way.

If you would like to contact us you can do so by email to cimuchamore@gmail.com or gmmuchamore@gmail.com

We will get back to you but probably not immediately as we are not always on line these days. There is still the good old phone if you ever feel like a chat.

Click here for the Gypsy Blog.
JUST RELEASED by CHRISTINE STEWART - Collits' Inn: Uncovering the Past

                                                        Surprises found in restoring this 1823 Australian icon.

Christine writes - "This book is my personal story of restoring one of Australia's earliest inns. Collits' Inn sits at the foot of Mount York, in Hartley Vale, just the other side of the Blue Mountains. The Inn was built by Pierce Collits, an ex-convict in 1823."

"Restoring Collits' Inn and researching its history has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I hope you find it as fascinating as I have."

To find out more or to purchase the book click here. Collits' Inn: Uncovering the Past.

Gai has just published a book " Collits Inn - Past and Present". This book is a photographic history of the Inn from it's early days through to the restoration and beyond.

As a Collits descendant,(from the John and James side), Gai has visited the Inn many times from the 1970's to 2005. The book also contains a short history of Pierce and Mary and also some history and photographs of the Collits Inn Play. Also available is a reprint of " A Biographical Look at the Collits Family"

This book was originally compiled by Gai in 1988 and contains short stories written by Collits descendants about their ancestors. The book was compiled for our 1st reunion.

If you would like to purchase a copy of either "Collits Inn -Past and Present" or " A Biographical Look at the Collits Family" this can be done by emailing Gai direct at cimuchamore@gmail.com . Books are now back in stock.

Click here for more articles on the Collits family

Nan comes to visit. In March 2006 Nan, Mary & Jude decided to return the warmth of Queensland for a holiday. They were only up here a year ago for our wedding. See some of the places we visited.Nan's Visit

Photo on the right of nan was taken at the Tudor Rose. This is a great restaurant near where we live and also the place where we had our wedding reception in 2005. We often go here for meals and special occasions.

Gai has done many years research about the The Collits Family and from here you can view articles she has written. Read about James Collits,John Collits, the missing Sophia Jane Collits and also read about the Collits Inn play that was performed originally in Sydney in the early 1930's -The Collits Inn Play.

Another line Gai has been following is the The Hutchens Family
Information can also be found on The Hutchins in Australia

Photo on the left is of Collits Inn where we stayed in April 2005. It has also won many awards for it's restaurant as we would recommend this place to anyone. The Inn is now in private hands and open for Wedding Ceremonies.

Dad did many years researching geneology and assisted many people over time all around the world. Not only did he do the Muchamore study but also A One name study of M*CH*MORE.

Photo on the right is dad at his 70th birthday. This was the first time in many years that us 'kids' had all been back together in the same place for many a year as we now live all over the country.